Usually, new year looks very different for us here at LADS.

Usually, we are itching to grab play books and pencils, waiting for that first frosty Sunday to shuffle down to the Shed and start the first play for the year. But, amidst all the chaos that 2020 threw at us, we find ourselves all still at home, staying safe and waiting out this pandemic. However, this is no reason to procrastinate, and in the eyes of our committee and members, we aren’t sitting about, but patiently waiting in the wings and planning our comeback.

As a company, LADS have been working out as many ways as we can to bring entertainment to our patrons, and we had managed to test-drive some great ideas such as our Virtual Murder Mystery which was a huge hit, which we recently had a second Virtual murder mystery, even more popular than the last! The management committee continues to meet via zoom to work out what’s coming next, and you won’t be disappointed.

Amongst the new plans, LADS decided to start this blog, as a way to connect with our members and patrons on a more personal and frequent level. So through these upcoming blogs, we will be revisiting some fantastic past moments, current news and future possibilities. LADS has so much that we have done, that it would be a crime not to document and share all of our successes as well as our tales from more covid-free times.

We will be looking at different eras of LADS performances, as well as some interesting interviews with our members transcribed into blog-friendly reading, and a few accounts of our job roles and mad moments!

LADS has been running for over 60 years! That’s a whole heap of line-learning, singing, dancing, building sets, painting props, tickets handed out and programmes printed! Each year we only get better, we move forward and we bring more smiles to the local audiences! Hopefully through this blog, you the reader, will be able to have a sense of that, and ultimately, feel more apart of our LADS family.

Look out for the next typewritten topic…

LADS blogger, on behalf of the LADS committee



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